HIV Immigration Training

The HIV & Immigration Service Access Training Program is designed to enhance the knowledge and skills of service providers and Immigrant, Refugee and Non status people living with HIV throughout the province of Ontario. This training program is run in collaboration with immigration lawyers and in partnership with AIDS Service Organizations in the different parts of the province for different service organizations and universities. Each training program is individualized to meet the needs of the different regions and the specific type of immigrant demographics that populates those regions.

What are the key skills gained by a PHA during this program?

  • Knowledge on Canada’s Immigration and Refugee policy and system 
  • Knowledge on service eligibility for different groups of newcomers 
  • Skills in advocating for and accessing services for immigrant, refugee and non-status PHAs 
  • Knowledge on issues affecting immigrant, refugee and non-status PHAs 
  • Skills in working with culturally diverse and marginalized populations

The program is offered at two levels: Basic and Advanced.  Each level consists of a 2 day training conducted by legal experts, health and social service providers and PHA peer leaders. Please see below for full details

Basic Level – 2-day training designed for PHAs and Service Providers. The focus of this training is on the Canadian Immigration and refugee system, issues affecting immigrant/refugees with HIV/AIDS, and ways to improve access treatment and support services for these populations in the different regions of Ontario.

Advance Level – 2-day training primarily designed for service providers working with newcomer PHAs. The training focuses on the actual immigration application and appeal processes, completion of the various forms, and promote a healthy and positive working relationship between service providers, clients and lawyers.
Since the pandemic, we have been delivering all the training workshops online.