Dale Maitland

 I’m Dale Maitland the Capacity Building Coordinator at the Community Alliance for Accessible Treatment (CAAT). I am responsible for two programs, the Ethno-racial Treatment Support Network (ETSN) and the Provincial HIV & Immigration Service Access Training. 


I started working at CAAT in January 2011 as a program associate with the Newcomer sexual health program, until it was discontinued in 2015, I have also worked on the CHAMP research study that became a program. I have done all levels of ETSN, Immigration trainings, legacy programs, and all other training that CAAT has done over the years. I have acted as the Capacity Building coordinator on several occasions until 2019 when I was appointed permanently to present. I have also worked at Black CAP and APAA. 


I am extremely passionate and outspoken when it comes to advocating and providing support to members of the communities that are marginalized and vulnerable. While living in Jamaica, I volunteered for over 25 years with the Jamaica Combined Cadet Force (JCCF), a youth organization. During my tenure with the JCCF, I have received several awards including a Medal of Honor for long service and good conduct for over 20 years of service, I also received the Commandant’s Commendation Award. I migrated from Jamaica in 2010 and is now a proud Canadian Citizen. I am an ardent volunteer and is currently serving on several boards and committees in the Aids Service Organization (ASO) sector including The Teresa Group where I have held various position such as the Chair of the board of directors, I am also the President of the Board of the Oak Street Housing Co-op.  


In 2015, I received the Dr Alan Li Award for Social Justice and Capacity-building, and in 2016, the Ontario volunteer service award. I have also several other prizes and awards from various organizations.